Enhance Your Epidermis

Your epidermis is your facial canvas. The condition of it will determine how your creams or serum penetrate  your skin and how your cosmetics will glide on your face.

Your epidermis is the outermost layer of your skin which means that everyone sees it. So taking care of it can make or break your complexion. 

Giving your skin some much needed TLC is essential. After all, it protects our bare faces all day long from things our clothes typically defend our bodies from- such as harmful chemicals, UV radiation, bad bacteria, and fungi! So, it deserves a treat.

Mother Nature and your mother’s (and father’s) genetics both impact your skin type. Some people have naturally gorgeous skin, but regardless, environmental exposure can ruin your skin if you’re not proactive. You can significantly improve its tone, texture, and feel with proper care. This means more than solely using sunscreen and moisturizer.

E is for Exposure

Everyone sees your epidermis- your protective barrier. On a microscopic level, it consists of multiple flat, scale-like cell layers.

Fortunately, your epidermis constantly renews itself naturally. New cells cycle up through the skin every four weeks, shedding the highly keratinized dead cells on top and replacing them with new layers from below.

Hair and nail companies often rave about keratin’s benefits- which is a protein also found in our skin cells. However, by the time the keratin cells reach your top facial skin layer, it is dull, yellowish, and scaly. Not so flattering.  

We use moisturizes to gloss over dry skin. While the exfoliation scrubs remove the visible flakes, it is probably not doing the best job. 

Increase the Cell Turnover Rate

Long term, none of us can avoid uneven skin tone, larger pores, fine lines, and wrinkles. But we can definitely slow down the aging process and minimize the damage. On a cellular level, the skin has a natural turnover and renewal cycle. And speeding this up does wonders! So once you exfoliate dead cells from the top of your skin, it will look healthy. 

Peels Work 

Skin peels are an essential way to enhance collagen growth and cell turnover rate, improving skin tone and texture without thinning out the skin. Studies show that peels are the safest and most widely used treatment for skin improvements for so many skin concerns. Using the Ellen Lange Retexturizing Peel will remove lackluster skin cells and renew your skin.

Glycolic Peels 

Glycolic acid is the most widely used acid amongst the alpha-hydroxy acids found in superficial peels. It has the smallest molecular size. So glycolic peels penetrate the skin effectively. Glycolic acid reduces the build-up of dead cells (hyperkeratosis), which is a frequent cause of troubled complexions.

Quick Results

Ellen Lange Retexturizing Peel reaches deep within the layers of skin to initiate renewal. The peeling process stimulates collagen growth resulting in youthful skin. 

Working on a cellular level, Retexturizing Peel boosts the turnover rate of skin renewal for stunning results. Routine glycolic peels will eliminate the appearance of dull, yellowish, grainy, and uneven skin. 

Regular and Routine 

Prolong the youthfulness of your skin by renewing it through removing dead skin cells. Start incorporating Retexturizing Peels into your daily skincare regime to achieve radiant skin that will always make you look refreshed.