Debunking Myths

The concept of peeling is new to so many people.  Many of us might have been gifted a spa facial for a special occasion, but peels are something most of us have never experienced. The word peel can definitely be misleading and even scary sounding.  

Not Like Samantha in Sex And The City 

We hear the word peel and we think of Samantha’s overly aggressive peel in the Sex and the City episode.  She did have a deep peel, but it is a completely different experience when we talk about “lunchtime” or “at-home” peels.  These lighter peels are just an enhanced exfoliation that improve the tone and texture of our skin.

Recovery Time Is Not Long 

Glycolic peels cause the top dead layers of skin to exfoliate at a more rapid pace. They are designed to work slowly and won’t cause what the professionals call “erythema” - the intense redness that can occur from deeper peels. Don’t think you won’t be able to video chat, see friends, or go back to work after a light peel.

Your Skin Will Not Be MORE Dry

All peels are not created equal. The Ellen Lange Retexturizing Peel will not leave you feeling uncomfortable. Nor will you feel dry and look flaky. Exactly the opposite! The peel removes the top dead skin cells and your skin will look smoother. Your favorite moisturizers and serums will penetrate better and hydrate your skin, bringing it back to life especially after long days in the sun or long nights drinking alcohol.  

All Age People Benefits From Peels 

Peel are ideals for all skin types and tones. Years of research and clinical use have shown that peel will even skin tone, clear complexion refine pores and rejuvenate skin. Originally plastic surgeons and dermatologists used peels for facial rejuvenation.  However, the benefits were so remarkable that peels became the go-to treatment for so many common skin concerns.  Teens and younger people are peeling to improve acne or maintain a radiant complexion.

Peel Are Not Too Expensive 

When we hear peels, we think of costly celebrity treatments.  Fancy medi-spas and salons in NYC and LA  can charge upwards of $300 for a peel with lots of bells and whistles.  But we are talking $10 a peel for those same results at home.  The $90  price can definitely seem intimidating at first.  But Retexturizing Peel kit comes packed with professional tools and enough product for  8-10 treatments - plus 60 glycolic pads to use daily.

You Can Get Professional Results At- Home

You sure can!!! Light a candle, put on your favorite tunes, and create a spa in your own bathroom. Typically we think we need someone to do our treatments.  No need to make an appointment and have a pro massage our faces to get that healthy-looking dewy skin.  But in reality, isn’t the person you trust most...yourself? And if you are provided with step-by-step instructions with ingredients that professionals use, isn’t that easier than going out of your way to the medi-spa?  Especially in times of a pandemic, who wouldn’t want to have the opportunity to relax at home with bubbles on their face?

It All Comes Down to Science 

In the end, we’ve done our research. We would never put a product out there that is bad for your skin and to prove it to you, we do it ourselves! If you follow us on social media you can see how we use the product every week and our glowing results.