Collagen In Our Skin


Collagen is an essential protein that exists in our bodies. It is what gives our skin structure and makes it look healthy and plump. Starting in our mid-20s, we slowly begin to lose it. As we age, our bodies are, unfortunately, unable to replace the collagen as quickly as we lose it.

We all want to maintain a youthful appearance for as long as possible. No wonder modern science and media are bombarding us with so much research and information about collagen! We see collagen offered in beauty products and  sold as supplements in drink powders. 

An Important Protein

Collagen is one of the most abundant proteins in our body. It forms connective tissues in our skin, bones, ligaments, and muscles.

This fantastic protein keeps our skin from sagging and helps give it that much-desired youthful plumpness. All in all, collagen helps keep our skin more hydrated, firm, and smooth.

We have all seen those illustrations of skin layers, that resemble the inside of a mattress.  It  is a good analogy. Think of collagen as the springs of the mattress, which maintain the frame and shape.  Collagen is the protein that supports our skin's structure.

Natural and Necessary

Our body naturally makes collagen. It is necessary to keep our bodies healthy and youthful. It can also make our skin more resilient against damage. Having more of this protein is an essential way to protect your skin. It acts as a shield to help prevent our bodies from absorbing unwanted environmental toxins. It speeds up wound healing, bringing brand new skin cells to sites of injuries. 

Reasons for Collagen Loss 

As we age, production of collagen slows down and our bodies are not able to replace it as quickly as we lose it.  Our skin gradually gets thinner over time, making it easier to damage and wrinkle.

There are also other factors in our lifestyle that cause collagen to breakdown  in our bodies.

Exposure to UV rays and air pollution can also limit collagen production. Also stress, refined sugars and nicotine can breakdown collagen. 

How to Increase Collagen

These days, everybody wants more collagen! Glycolic peels are excellent for increasing collagen production and renewing the skin. 

These light chemical peels formulas stimulate the fibroblasts which in turn increase collagen levels.