@BlendedBeautyBlurbs Means Business

Katherine Flores Valdes' Instagram @BlendedBeautyBlurbs is just so fun.  She is always posting Instagram Stories, which are worth watching because of her  understanding and passion for skincare and science. 

She is Cuban American, speaks Spanish fluently and has a Bachelors in the Biological Sciences.  We had a few questions for @BlendedBeautyBlurbs.

 What are you doing when you are not reviewing products? 

I am currently working on getting my Nursing Degree in hopes of also becoming a Nurse practitioner, which means I am always studying! When I am not studying I love to spend time with my fiancé and my family.  

Why did you start your @BlendedBeautyBlurbs? 

I started my Instagram because I have always loved skincare and I knew I wanted to someday have a career in Dermatology. It’s a lovely thing when a passion and career combine together. I wanted to use my knowledge in the biological sciences to share how skincare and products truly work to give us the skin we want!

Do you have a beauty or lifestyle philosophy?

My mother has always instilled such great values in me and one of those has always been self-care. We must always take care of our bodies from the inside to the outside, she also gave me my first skincare set! Our bodies are irreplaceable and we must always treat it with love. 

Who is your favorite beauty guru or blogger?

I have to say my favorite beauty blogger has to be Ajia (@ajiasskindiary) she and Matt ( @dirtyboysgetclean) really inspired me to take the plunge and share my skincare and beauty passion! Their kindness and transparency (along with beautiful) content really inspire me. 

 What are your own skin concerns and what has helped you?

I have always struggled with huge pores! The blackheads around my nose are the ones that have always given me such grief and it wasn’t until I started doing the Peel Kit  that I truly started to see major change. It really changed my skin and helped minimize appearance of my pores for the better!

What is the last thing you do before u go to bed? 

My entire PM routine, I look forward to it every single night! On nights that I do not do my peel which is once a week, I always go with a cleanser, mask, toner, serum, moisturizer and an eye cream. It seems lengthy but great skin requires many workers!

Favorite way to relax?

Masking to me is so relaxing! Sometimes I’ll put on a mask have a cold kombucha and sketch. It really helps me unwind! 

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