Are Skin Peels Safe?

Mild skin peels are generally safe for most skin types. There are so many different products that are sold as a skin peel facial.  Sensitive skin types, younger skin and darker skin tones should be able to safely use glycolic acid skin peels to brighten, clear and smooth your skin. Deeper peels that have longer recovery times can be done in a plastic surgery or dermatology practice.  Most people do not realize that results can be amazing, even when you do a peel yourself at home.

What Is A Facial Skin Peel? 

A skin peel facial is a treatment in which exfoliating actives such as alpha and beta hydroxy acids are applied to the face in multi-step treatment. The goal is for the outermost layer of skin to evenly sloughs off and eliminate dead, dry, and dull skin cells on the face. This causes new healthy skin cells to move up from below the surface and you top layer of skin looks refreshed.

At-Home Peels

Doing an at-home skin peel enables us to be consistent with treatments. We can do them regularly. It is so much easier when there is no appointment necessary and taking our makeup off during the day does not become a concern.

Choosing the best glycolic acid peel can definitely be one that you do at home. This is because skin regenerates approximately every 28 days so doing weekly and monthly peels provides the best results.

What Is The Best Product For An At-Home Skin Peel Facial? 

Dermatologist and estheticians have been glycolic acid, for years with great success in their medi-spas and professional offices. Glycolic acid, one of the alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) is derived from sugarcane. It is a small,fast working molecule that help reduce dark spots, improve hyperpigmentation, reduce fine lines and improve skin tone and texture.

Who Can Use a Glycolic Acid Peel? 

At-home glycolic acid peel treatments are effective for all skin types and skin tones and other skin conditions.  These less aggressive do-it-yourself treatments can be better for darker skin tones such as black, asian and Latin-X.  Done at slow steady pace, the exfoliation is not as fierce and then there is less chance for the skin to hyper-pigment or develop any dark spots. 

What Are The Benefits of At-Home Skin Peels?

Skin peels can be done not only on the face but on the back, chest and hands.

Using the best glycolic acid helps:

  • Treat wrinkles caused by aging
  • Decongest skin from blocked pores
  • Fade the appearance of mild scars
  • Reduce freckles, age spots, and dark patches (melasma) due to pregnancy 
  • Treat many types of acne
  • Improve the feel of your skin