The Key to Glowy Skin


While so many celebrities were on their A game at The Grammy’s this past week, Alicia Keys really stood out with her glowing skin, sans makeup! 

She has given stage makeup a new names after hosting the Grammys and debuting her newest song without layers of foundation, overdone eye makeup and intense colored lipstick.


Three years ago Keys swore off makeup entirely, proving that a woman can be beautiful in her most natural form. However, while she may not spend hours in the hair and makeup chair, she does spend hours a day and hundreds of dollars on her face.


According to Dotti Keys’ makeup artist, prepping the skin is the most important. The time she spends on her skin is so worth it in the end, as we "oo" and "ah" at her Grammy’s glow. You can prep like a celebrity right at home with Retexturizing Peel .


Retexturizing Peel is a unique combination of glycolic acid, enzymes and natural microbeads. Three simple steps to makeup free skin!  

Glycolic helps to reduce fine lines, diminish sun spots, rid the pores of clogging agents.  After a few uses you will your skin will be visibly clearer and your skin’s natural luminance enhanced so well you won’t even need makeup. 


Who else can walk down the red carpet and perform on stage without any makeup on their skin? Maybe only Alicia. However, we can key in on Alicia’s skin, and seek a similar glow in our day to day. 


While you probably do not have a red carpet you are obligated to strut down or paparazzi to impress, your skin will be glowy and fabulous for whatever your days may bring.