Credentialed for Beauty

It is no wonder that Stephanie knows what it takes to look good. She is qualified.... a licensed esthetician and a professional makeup artist.

But just doing her job,  is not enough for Stephanie.  She gets great pleasure from sharing her beauty secrets on her blog and selling her favorites item in her online boutique.

"People are always probing me for beauty tips,  I'm a complete cosmetic geek. I read every makeup book and watched thousands of videos. I'm a visual learner & considering this is a visual field, it really helps to watch others.  I've been so inspired by others, but I have also learned what NOT to do," explains Stephanie.

This all really became a passion for Stephanie when she received Kevyn Aucoin book's "Making Faces" as a Christmas gift. 

"Then I attended Makeup Designory in NYC and loved it!  I took my skills to new heights. I believe education is essential in the beauty business because theory and technique are always changing.  Of course, so much of learning about products is just trial and error. I encourage people to try new products.  Different products work well for different skin types."

Being an esthetician helps Stephanie stand out as a makeup artist.  She has an appreciation for the texture and consistency of the cosmetics.  Stephanie's understanding of different complexions, formula compositions and color theory make her blogging approach much more substantial.    

What is your philosophy about your style & lifestyle?

To me style is always about what appeals to and compliments me, never about what's trending. You can't go wrong with classics. This sums me up in more ways than one.

What are your favorite skin care treatments or beauty products?

I absolutely love the whole facial process. I especially like to feel the transformation my skin goes through while cleansing, exfoliating & having a masque on. It's instant gratification! Since I started using Ellen Lange's Glycolic Peel, I've noticed my skin now needs less daily maintenance. Its a phenomenal skin care system! I try to do the peels on models, prior to doing their makeup. I feel it creates a very smooth palette and foundation just glides on evenly.

What do you use when you wake up in the morning on your face?

I use a washcloth with warm water to wipe my face down and wake me up. Then I exfoliate my lips, apply eye cream, moisturize with an SPF cream & add my favorite lip balm.

Have you done any favorite treatments to have done at a salon or spa?

I particularly love getting a back facial. It's like a facial and massage rolled into one but on the back. It feels lovely!

How do you maintain a natural look?

Skincare is essential! As a Makeup Artist I tell my clients "Your makeup will only look as good as the skin it's sitting on"
Taking care of your skin combined with light makeup always looks good. I love the natural look & as we mature, less is definitely best.

What is the last thing you do before u go to bed? 

Before bed I always remove my makeup, wash my face, apply eye cream, moisturizer, hand/foot cream & lip balm. It's a process but I'm happy to do it!

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