Esthetician @ Ellen Lange Dances Through Life

Alla's philosophy is "live life to the fullest."  Through her rich professional experiences, Alla has become a resource and guide for women & men who what to live healthy, balanced lives. 

Alla was a Senior Esthetician at Georgette Klinger and she is the newest advanced esthetician to join Ellen Lange Medi Spa.  We have been having client reunions, since Alla has joined the Ellen Lange New Jersey medi spa. Her clients from "GK" are excited she is in a New Jersey spa.

Working with plastic surgeons, dermatologists and spas for 20 years, has turned Alla into a professional in both traditional and alternative skin care.  She earned her degree in nursing at the Medical College of Moscow and Moscow Institute of Beauty.

Alla continuously embraces education in her goal to maintain her position as a leading esthetician.  She believes that good skin is a reflection of well-being and youthfulness.  

"Lets do it," says Alla's frequently. With her skills and experience, there is no doubt why her clients are ready to let her lead the way.

Alla is one of those ladies who seems to know all the best kept beauty secrets.  Caring for skin at any age is not a challenge for Alla.  She acknowledges that having great skin requires some commitment to professional treatments and a very easy home care regime.  One of Alla's favorite treatments is Ultrasonic facial treatment, which is a gentle safe way to exfoliate dull, damaged skin and deliver nutrients deep into the skin. 

"Even the best skin, doesn't always glow.  Hormones, environment, stress and lifestyle all affect your skin," explains Alla.  "But it is simple to get a good result."

Alla is not just about skin. When she is not working at the medi spa, Alla is on the dance floor Tango-ing and writing poetry.  Alla has developed a passion for the Tango.  "The movements and music are sexy and youthful.  It is the most wonderful way of staying fit and maintaining grace," says Alla.

"In my mind, it is all related and so personal," explains Alla.  "The rhythms of working as an esthetician with my hands, dancing the tango with my body and writing poetry are all revitalizing and maintenance for my mind, body & soul."