Esthetician & Artist Joins the Ellen Lange Team

Kathleen "Kathi" Lowery is an esthetician at Ellen Lange Medi Spa by day and artist by weekend.  She has an eye for detail and a softness that comes from her training as a black & white charcoal portrait artist. Drawing is very relaxing and refreshing to Kathi after a long day's work.

We can't help but wonder how Kathi looks so natural even as a mom of a 17 & 20 year old. Kathi is rather open with beauty secrets and so on-target with her right professional skin treatments.

"I limit the amount of color cosmetics and make up I use. I try to teach this to my clients and get them on this path.  It  really is simple. Just like diet and exercise, once you get the routine, it is easy." Kathi favors professional oxygen treaments and lots of at home exfoliation.

Kathi believes that she can help people preserve their beauty.  It is something you can maintain and hold on to, well into maturing years.  "Personally I work on maintaining a healthy life style."

Kathi is an experienced esthetician with over 14 years combined experience in the medical and salon field. Kathi comes from a prestigious spa in Northern New Jersey.

“I had started in the beauty industry when I was a teenager as a cosmetologist. My interests varied into the health/medical field, which lead me toward maintaining the health and integrity of the skin.” 

What is your philosophy about your style & lifestyle?

I am very passionate about skin care, I do what I enjoy doing. Helping women look and feel their best brings great pleasure into my life.

My philosophy is keep it simple and stress free! Surrounding yourself with positive people and influences are imperative to a harmonious lifestyle.

What are your favorite skin care treatments or beauty products?

Vitamin C keeps my complexion firm and glowing.

What are your own skin concerns and what has helped you?

I have combination skin prone to dehydration, so I adjust my regimen to my skin's needs. I use a collagen moisturizer since it isn’t heavy, yet it’s extremely hydrating. I also take glucosamine. It hydrates our skin cells as it does our joints.

What do you use when you wake up in the morning on your face?

I wash my face with a nourishing cleanser then layer my serums and moisturizer. Since serums have a smaller molecular size, they should always be applied first for best absortion.

Have you done any favorite treatments to have done at a salon or spa?

My favorite treatment is the facial combined with a chemical peel. It gives the benefit of the peel, whether it’s to combat hyperpigmentation or fine lines, plus the benefit of a luxury facial combined.

How do you maintain a natural look?

I have what I call my "no make-up", make-up days on the days I want to look natural. A light dusting of a mineral powder, and a stroke of blush to the apples of my cheeks and eye lids to add a glow of color. Then one swipe of mascara and a sheer gloss. As we age, less is more!