It Begins With Retexturized Skin




Fashion shows and magazines are featuring the simple natural look -- the kind that enhances your beauty and appears like you are not wearing makeup at all!   It all begins with smooth retexturized skin.  
Your makeup will never look natural, unless your dry patches are eliminated, your pores are even and you skin feels like velvet.    We know if you do weekly at home peels you will get the same beautiful results as if you visited the spa!  Exfoliation is key!  If you regularly exfoliate or do at home skin peels, you can dramatically improve your look.  Peeling will help you increase cell turnover rate, remove your dull outer layers and enable your moisturizers to penetrate more quickly.    
Now all you will need is a light touch of foundation or powder. Perhaps a light brownish shadow over your lids to the crease and champagne color over the brow bone. Finish with your favorite muted lip color.  
Who doesn't want to look as naturally beautiful as Claire Danes