Step Up To The Fresh Face Challenge

Let’s face it, we are all exposed to plenty of damaging elements throughout the week. Between the glorious but harmful sun, residue from our favorite cosmetics and grimy pollution —by the week even our skin cells can feel (and *eek!* look) a bit haggard.

A skin peel is a great way to increase your skin’s natural exfoliation and reveal the fresh shiny skin that is trapped underneath.

It can help exfoliate, targeting dull surface cells, uneven skin tone, fine lines, acne, and more.

There are plenty of 1-step peels in a jar available. As tempting as it is to go the quick route and fall into the “one easy step” trap, they are far less effective than 3-step process.

Think of is it as restoring a beautiful piece of mahogany furniture that had been painted over. It takes a few steps to bring back to its luster.

Our faces get “painted” over by daily life and dead skin cells.  So a peel to be most effective it takes a couple of more steps.

No hidden tricks here with the Retexturizing Peel, just a routine you can easily master. First, your skin is prepped and preconditioned. The second step is degreasing, and in the third step, the peel is applied. See, not that difficult—you were done in two short sentences.

This short process leads to improved peel penetration, better results, and faster skin recovery.

You’ll see the same professional results as if you had to haul yourself all the way to an expensive and time-consuming medi-spa or dermatologist, which is way more work and steps than our peels.

In the end, you’ll have more time and money to take your fresh face out with you to get pedicures and pina coladas.