MakeUp Artist Skin


Makeup Artist Skin

Client Study #EL-108 

Profile: 50-something professional makeup artist.  Works with models on photo shoots.  On days off, she freelances with a prestigious cosmetic brand.  She  receives samples of so many new products as they are introduced on the market.   

Concerns:  Dry Patches, Enlarged Pores and Crepey Skin.

  Looking good is essential for a makeup artist.  If she does not maintain her look, she will not maintain her sophisticated clientele.  Her clients choose to work with her because of her good look and natural affinity for style.   She likes her foundation to glide on smooth and not get caught on rough skin or crevices.

Results:   She has been a dedicated "peeler" for years.  When she does her weekly peels,  she reports that her makeup goes on smoother and looks much more natural.    She likes to do her peels before an event or on Saturday prior to going out, because she sees immediate improvements. 


"I am a makeup artist.  Looking my best is important to me and my clients.   Retexturizing Peel keeps my skin texture smooth so when I apply my makeup it blends effortlessly with my skin."


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