Reporter's Skin

Video is more clear than ever and high definition television shows everything.  So layering heavy makeup is not going to be the best look for today's reporter.
We know that superficial exfoliation peels will be the most effective and consist way to keep your skin ready for that spontaneous on-camera moment.  It is about prepping the skin properly so skin will appear smoother, pores will look smaller and foundation will not collect in the fine lines.
Weekly at home peels with save time and money for the anchor who has to look good seven days a week.  Here are the three things we know will improve a reporter's skin
Retexturizing Peel will eliminate dry patches and removing flaky skin.  
Retexturizing Peel targets the skin epidermis. By exfoliating the epidermis or outer layer of skin it will appear even and healthy.
Retexturizing Peel allows new healthy skin to grow by removing layers of skin damaged by sun, age and the environment.