Skin Peel Study #104

 Client Study #EL-104Profile: Young woman drawer full of discarded drugstore creams in her bathroom. She played after school sports and had hours of homework, so no time to frequent spas or doctors for costly treatments.

Concerns:  Could not clear her acne. She tried prescription creams, oral antibiotics and cortisone injections from dermatologist.  Her skin was dried-out and flaky, but breakouts persisted.  

Results: Immediately noticed difference after doing 2 at-home Retexturizing Peels in the first week and daily use of Peel Accelerator Pads. She now does the Glycolic Peel once a week and uses Peel Accelerator Pads every night.

Uses Retexturizing Peel kit at college and has total control of her skin.

She glows and she is empowered.

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