How Often Do I Need To Peel My Skin?

When we are younger our skin regenerates itself about every 28 days. By the time we reach our twenties, our skin's natural exfoliation slows down significantly. But if you regularly peel the outermost layers of skin, you will boost your skin's cell renewal process. 

When you have any type of chemical peel, you will see noticeable results almost instantly.  But doing a peel once is not enough. Peels must be done regularly to keep this cellular cycle working at its maximum.  It is just like with exercising, if you stop you will no longer see the same results. You must consistently peel the top layer of skin to promote new healthy growth. 

Retexturizing Peel  will enable you do professional skin peels at home and allow you to take control of your own skin. The answer is.... it doesn't matter if you have a peel in a salon or a peel in a medical office.  The big factor is how many times you do a skin peel. Weekly skin peels at home will improve skin problems such as blotchiness, large pores, fine lines, wrinkles and uneven texture.