Junk Food... is Junk!

Junk and snack food which we eat because we are on-the-go increase the formation of free radicals (which damage our skin). Instead, eat foods which are rich in Vitamins A, C and E and avoid these foods that hurt your body...

What are the absolute worst kinds of things that you can eat and what should you avoid?

1.  Trans fats: the worst kind of ingredient in food out there for you. Included in all kinds of fried foods, this artificial fat does permanent damage to and clogs the arteries. *AVOID AT ALL COSTS!*

2.  Saturated fats are not as dangerous—but it is still bad for you. It is a naturally reoccurring fat that slowly ages the arteries. These fats can be digested but eat them in moderation—at least less than 4 grams (or 20% of the suggested daily intake) an hour. Your body works extra hard to process these fats, so be good to your arteries!

3.  Sugar is a deviant ingredient that everyone loves. So how can you find ways of avoiding eating too much? Try to eat natural sugar that can normally be found in fruit (buy it organic, free of hormones and chemicals!). But don’t forget to eat fruit in moderation as well; though fruit contains many vitamins that are healthy for us, their abundance of natural sugar is also unhealthy.

4.  Avoid eating processed foods that possess added or refined sugars—these are artificial and are used to make food taste sweeter in place of natural sugar. There are also chemically derived sugars like aspartame that you should avoid. Because these human-made sugars are composed from chemicals, there is no complete guarantee that they are safe and kind to our bodies.

5.  High fructose corn syrup is an artificial, man-made sugar. And as you now know, anything man-made (from chemicals) that you can eat is usually not healthy for you. High fructose corn syrup is usually found in processed foods as a substitute for sugar. Most foods that you see drenched in thick, sweet syrup usually are derived from high fructose corn syrup.

6.  Preservatives—these include a lot of sodium which are used to preserve fresh food to keep it lasting longer. And as you know… healthy, natural food isn’t meant to last forever. Tip: so avoid preserved, processed meats like salami.

What can you do instead?

Make a big fresh fruit salad (organic of course) on Sunday and take it to work during the week.