Specialized for Beauty

Lisa Barcelo is a skin care lover who emerged from the pharmaceutical industry.  With a strong background in pharmaceutical management and sales, her recent foray into skin care has been very exciting. Following her medical career, Lisa began pursuing a different career in becoming an esthetician.

So, you can only imagine that her technical expertise and knowledge of science is extreme, and that makes her dangerously prepared.

A spunky entrepreneur and a skin care specialist (with a permit and) many years of experience—along with her extensive medical field background in skin care—you can trust that she knows and loves what she does.

Describe your life & career.

I have six years of experience in the medical device industry, specializing in (wound?) & skin care is the catalyst to be a skin care specialist. I love making a positive impact on lives everyday.

What is your philosophy about your style & lifestyle?

Love yourself and everything will fall into place. Represent your unique style in lieu of temporary fads.

What is your daily morning and night routine?

Cleanse, tone, moisturize, then I use sunscreen with SPF 30 in the morning. At night, I repeat the process but exclude the sunscreen.

What is your weekly routine?

I have aging skin so stimulating cell turnover is key to smooth skin with a healthy glow. With that, I use a physical exfoliation 2x a week. I add this step to my evening routine then apply a topical retinol before I moisturize. I also have hyper-pigmentation so for deeper penetration I will use a chemical exfoliation in lieu of physical [exfoliation] to address this condition. Physical exfoliants (scrubs) remove dead skin cells through friction whereas chemical exfoliants remove dead skin cells by dissolving the 'glue' that binds them to other cells.

What are your favorite skin care treatments or beauty products?

I particularly prefer chemical and mechanical exfoliation.

How do you maintain a natural look?

I useconcealer under my eyes, dusted with transparent powder and I stick to clear mascara and clear lip-gloss.

What are the most important things to do in skin care—and any beauty tips you have for us?

Education is the most important facet to skin care.   Having a thorough skin analysis with an aesthetician is the first step to proper skin care management. Once your skin type and conditions are determined, your skin care specialist can guide you to products tailored to your needs.

Knowing product ingredients is integral to optimal skin health. Knowing when and how to use product ingredients will make a significant difference in your results.

Diet, stress, water-intake, smoking, hormones, medications, environmental aggressors, and the sun’s powerful rays all contribute to your skin’s overall health. Skin care products have an integral role in healthy skin and, so do you. Healthy skin begins within so how you take care of yourself will be a reflection of your skin's health.