Sun Exposure: When and Why?

            With all the buzz about the dangers of UV rays, it's important to protect your skin. But did you know that UV rays can be good for you? You’re probably sitting down, shaking your head.

Yes, you need vitamin D—it is essential for preventing heart disease and is correlated with being happier (it prevents depression and insomnia).

But what if you’re head over your fancy heels, worrying about skin cancer? Then read on to find out what are the most ideal times to go out during the day to avoid the most harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays but just enough to get some daily vitamin D.

UV rays have longer wavelengths and penetrate deeper into the skin during mornings and midday. Try to avoid going outside at these time—the UV rays have a greater range to project themselves into the atmosphere (through the ozone layer).

So when exactly is THE ideal time to go out?

Try noon time. But don’t stay out for too long; 10-15 minutes while remembering to expose all the different areas of your body to the sun. That’s just enough time to get enough daily vitamin D but not to absorb any harmful radiation.


*But if you're feeling a bit iffy and you would rather protect your skin from potentially harmful UV rays, then try our Ellen Lange sun protection products. Careful Tanning!