"I started blogging because I needed a place to channel the committee in my head.  "It’s a busy place up there where ideas and misconceptions are formed," explains Lucee creator of MomJunky.  

She has always had a passion for writing.  Lucee is the author of  "Letters to Mom & Dad and Things that Happened To Me Along the Way."  The book contains letters that she wrote while working in Europe, as a fashion model. After becoming a published author, she was inspired to write more.  That is when Lucee turned to blogging to write about her family, their escapades, make-up and challenges of being an author.

MomJunky has a Youtube channel. We love her real and authentic approach to reviewing beauty products. She has worked as a makeup artist, put in her years behind the cosmetics counter and is a former model.  Now she is married to "Frenchy" (yes, he is a Frenchman) and the mother to two sons. 

MomJunky reviewed the Ellen Lange Retexturizing Peel (read excepts)

"I love a good exfoliator.  I exfoliate at least three times a week.  But a peel is even better!  Not only does it exfoliate, but it does so much more!  This best-selling and award-winning skin peel by Ellen Lange works by gently exfoliating and removing dull surface cells leaving your skin feeling healthy and refreshed.

No need to go to the Spa and spend hundreds of dollars.  The Ellen Lange Retexturing Peel can be done in the privacy of your own home, at your own convenience and it includes 8 skin peels (less than $10 per peel) and a two month supply of glycolic pads."  (read more)" 

We think her informal clinical trial of our peel kit is very revealing. Watch below.

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