Baily started blogging many years ago with no purpose. She started posting product reviews and her posts morphed into a beauty and lifestyle blog called . Although Baily claims not to be the utmost authority she has a passion for the newest skincare and makeup.  

 "I will try anything once and give the lowdown of what works for me and what doesn't," explains Baily.

We are so excited that Baily reviewed Retexturizing Peel. (read excerpt below)

"Spring time is for renewal, renewal of all things, including your face. Reveal your freshest (and best-est) self with Ellen Lange (read more).

"I've already felt the urge to purge and have started a bit of a spring clean and sort out. I've got too much of just about everything it seems and it's got to go. Spring cleaning isn't just limited to one's stuff though, it also includes yo' face. Chances are it's carrying around some extra gunk you really don't need (or want.) What's a girl to do? Call Ellen Lange. More specifically, call in the Ellen Lange Retexturizing Peel.

Overall, I am really pleased with this peel! While it may prove to be too intense for sensitive skin types, it does an amazing job of sloughing away all the dead skin cells, dirt, makeup, oil, and whatever else is sticking around on your skin. After use, my skin is just a touch red (it doesn't last long) but is clearly brighter looking and so much smoother. "

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