Sissi Nutham Reviews Retexturizing Peel

We are so excited to share our newest review on Beauty4free2u . Sissi was featured as Editor´s pick on Blogher and Shespeaks and as a fashion contributor for Lucky Magazine. She has been selected to be 1 of only 100 Influencers of Glamour Magazine’s Popularizer 100 list of top fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. 

Below is an excerpt from Sissi's blog post.

"I am not new to chemical peels, however the Ellen Lange Retexturizing Skin Peel is so much better then any of the peelsI have ever tried. This best-selling and award-winning Glycolic skin peel is an effective, yet gentle exfoliation treatment that removes dull surface cells to reveal healthy new youthful skin. This skin peel kit combines glycolic, micro-beads and enzymes to create an the most effective at home peel. Use this at home facial treatment to: minimize fine lines and wrinkles, even skin tone , eliminate dry patches, reduce pore size and control periodic breakouts.  

And WOW! Not only did my face feel super deep cleansed and had a fresh glow- but it felt so very soft and even! This feeling lasted many days and did not jut vanish the very next day (which I often find with other peels). I am also IN LOVE with the Accelerator pads that also contain Glycolic Acid and use them every single night. 
This system really works like a dream. I recommend if you have big pores, wrinkles or fine lines that you need to get rid off. If you have super sensitive skin however, I could imagine that this system might not work for you.

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