A Peel For All Tones

At home peels are an ideal choice for many women with deeper skin tones.   Women with deeper skin can use Retexturizing Peel at home to help with hyperpigmentation (dark spots), even skin tone, eliminate rough patches, un-clog pores and improve acne.  The additional melanin in darker skin tones increases their propensity for pigmentation issues from acne, eczema, or even simply a cut.
Skin peels effectively remove the dull surface cells and reveal the healthy-looking new skin, leaving it with a smooth look and texture.  Further more, accelerating the exfoliation process with peels will unclog pores caused by acne and ingrown hairs. 

Peels can also help “ashy skin”, another concern of women with a varied skin tones. This is more common during the winter months, when dried skin cells collect on the surface. The cells form a barrier making the skin look dull and absorb of moistures more difficult.  Weekly at home peels are a safe and proven method of preventing potential skin problems.

Women with darker skin often have less wrinkles and look younger than fair-skinned counterparts. The melanin in their skin helps absorb the ultraviolet light and protects the elastic fibers beneath the skin’s surface. But darker skin toned women should always use sunblock, because exposure to sunlight can make any darker spots worse. Sunscreen, sunblock, hats and sun protective clothing will guard against recurring pigmentation and future sun damage.