Social Media: What is Right?

What would we do without the world of social media at the tip of our fingers? The world we didn’t have ten years ago, we now can’t live without. We love social media and we have so much fun creating posts and videos for our brand.  We spend so much time on TikTok and Instagram and we realize these are great ways for us and other companies to spread their message.  But we also have seen a few trends on these sites that we must be careful about.

TikTok Craze

The fun dances may be harmless, but the DIY videos are where we should be cautious. How do we know we can trust someone’s combo of fennel seeds, honey, and yogurt? With TikTok’s ease and casual vibe, everyone is putting out content to try and go viral. Random videos go viral every day, but that doesn’t mean we should try those skincare remedies at home. Even though they have over 1000 views, do your research before you concoct one of those at-home treatments for your skin. le

DIY Masks

Some people think making a skincare mask with natural ingredients is better for you.  But this is not necessarily true.  Some natural plants and essential oils can cause us to have allergic reactions. They can make us develop hives and other allergic reactions. So before whipping up a DYI mask make sure you really know what you are putting on your face.  

Digging Into Our Pores

It is easy to resort to blackhead pore strips or pore vacuums which have those “satisfying” videos of fixing our pores, however, they are not good for our skin. Blackhead pore strips are not a long term solution because they don’t work under the surface. Especially for sensitive skin, the adhesive can be irritating. Pore vacuums are harmful and leave bruises. It is better to leave the extraction to professionals or consider an at-home peel kit.  Products that cause a chemical exfoliation such as the Ellen Lange Retexturizing Peel are ideal for clearing pores. The glycolic acid in the peels cause the top dead skin cells to slough off and clear the trapped oil and debris out of the pores.  

Everyone Has Different Skin

Another reason it is important to be cautious when learning from social media is that everyone has different skin. A combination that someone else is posting might not work on your face. When you see a product you are interested in, do a deep dive into it to find out which type of skin it is recommended for and who they are showing it on. If it isn’t specified, there might not be enough research on their end. 

Who Can We Trust?

Trust those who give you true results. It is great because there are so many professionals on social media teaching us.  There are dermatologists, estheticians, and even legit beauty brands that are providing more information than ever.   All it takes is a little research on your end to make sure you are making the right decisions. It is so important to focus on long term results when treating your skin. While some trends are temporary, your skin is forever. Treat your skin for your future self.