Rextexturizing Peel (original)

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An effective, yet gentle, exfoliation process that removes dull surface cells to reveal healthy new skin. This peel kit combines glycolic, microbeads and enzymes to create an extremely effective at home peel.

• Minimize fine lines and wrinkles 
• Even skin tone
• Eliminate dry patches
• Minimize pore size
• Control periodic breakouts 


Product for 8 peels (less than $10 per peel) & 2 month supply of glycolic pads

• Peel Prep (2 oz.)
• Peel Accelerator Pads (60 pads)
• Glycolic Peel Solution (1.5 oz.)

Ellen's Advice: Do before a big event such as a reunion or wedding. Your skin will look so healthy and your makeup will go so smooth.

This peel kit contains 10% Glycolic. 5% in the peel accelerator pads and 4% in the peel solution. The pH of the Glycolic Acid is 3.5-3.7.

NOTE: We have altered the packaging of the Retexturizing Peel Kit in order to provide our customers with a more environmentally friendly product. The Glycolic Peel Solution pump is now airless.