Peel Pro Presenter Kit

$99.00 $148.00

Start Working Immediately:

  • Earn  25% commission on products sold.  
  • Earn  $25 client peels/demos. This fee is yours & can vary in different areas. 

      Peel Pro Kit Includes:

      • Retexturizing Peel kit  
      • Luxurious quilted skin care travel case 
      • 12 Matt Pucker-Up Lip pencils
      • Personalize website page (sample)
      • Access to your own business dashboard  
      • Marketing materials for social media sales 
      • Training to do peels and manage your business.
      • Disposable supplies for demos (gloves,gauze, bowls, headbands, sponges)
      Orders come to us ・We ship to your clients ・You earn the money 

      Complete Application  NOW

      Sell 8 peels kits in 4 weeks & become eligible for up to 40% discount on kit refills. Refills include Peel Prep, Peel Accelerator Pads & Glycolic Peel Solution.