Ellen Lange

Peel Pro Starter Kit

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Ideal for makeup artists, estheticians, cosmetologists & other beauty pro. 

Start Your Own Business With:
▪︎ Personalized storefront page   
▪︎ Online backend business dashboard

Supplies To Get You Started:
▪︎ One Retexturizing Peel 
▪︎ Luxurious quilted train case 
▪︎ Disposable bibs, gloves, headbands
    Sell From Home, At Event or On Internet:
    ▪︎ Work at salon, gym studio or home
    ▪︎ Suggested fee is $25 per peel
    ▪︎ Clients Venmo direct to YOU

          Unlimited Earning Potential:
          ▪︎ Earn 20% commission on sales 
          ▪︎ Orders come to us. We ship direct to clients

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