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Welcome to our PeelPro team!

Just follow the steps below and we know you will be successful.

We think Ellen Lange peel events should last no longer than 2 hours.  One peel kit will enable you to do 8 peels (actually you should have enough to do 10 peels in the kit). 

1. Sign up to activate your account here

2. Receive a similar personalized storefront page

3. Send us your event details & invite list. We will send out invitations and reminders.

4. Visit your location and make sure you have a reliable contact.  

5. Setting up at a counter with the client looking in a mirror is ideal. Then your client can learn to peel, see the immediate result and want to purchase the kit from you. 

6. We will you send you a discount code for your first peel kit with your spa disposables.

7. Book client treatments every 15 minutes for a total of 8 peels (2 hours). We suggest charging $25 a treatment.

8. Sell Retexturing Peel kits before, after & during your event.  You earn 12% commission per sale ($10.20 per peel kit). The orders come to us. We ship to your clients within 2 business days.  

9. May we suggest, opening a bottle of wine for evening events or adding a coffee & tea bar for morning events.

10. Dress - We suggest looking cool and comfortable.  Wear all white or white t-shirt, black leggings/pants & black sneakers. Pull your hair back off your face (with a ponytail or headband) and make sure your hands look nice too.

Easily earn discount credits for your next peel event.