Pop-Up Peel Pro Guide


Welcome to our PeelPro team!

Just follow the steps below and we know you will be successful.

We think Ellen Lange peel events should last no longer than 2 hours.  One peel kit will enable you to do 8 peels (actually you should have enough to do 10 peels in the kit). 

1. Sign up to activate your account here

2. Receive a similar personalized storefront page

3. Send us your event details & invite list. We will send out invitations and reminders.

4. Visit your location and make sure you have a reliable contact.  

5. Setting up at a counter with the client looking in a mirror is ideal. Then your client can learn to peel, see the immediate result and want to purchase the kit from you. 

6. We will you send you a discount code for your first peel kit with your spa disposables.

7. Book client treatments every 15 minutes for a total of 8 peels (2 hours). We suggest charging $25 a treatment.

8. Sell Retexturing Peel kits before, after & during your event.  You earn 12% commission per sale ($10.20 per peel kit). The orders come to us. We ship to your clients within 2 business days.  

9. May we suggest, opening a bottle of wine for evening events or adding a coffee & tea bar for morning events.

10. Dress - We suggest looking cool and comfortable.  Wear all white or white t-shirt, black leggings/pants & black sneakers. Pull your hair back off your face (with a ponytail or headband) and make sure your hands look nice too.

Easily earn Discount credits for your next peel event.



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119 reviews
Mary W. said: Glycolic Peel

This is an awesome product. I have used it for the last 15 years and can't live with out it. It is easy to use and keeps my skin fresh and young feeling.

Nadeige A. said: Define results! With consistent use

Define results! With consistent use of this Peel my post acne scarring has significantly deminished and the texture of my skin is better than ever. Being a women of color not many skin care products work as well on my skin. I highly recommend this Peel to anyone struggling to get rid of hyper- pigmentation.

Kelly A. said: Improves skin's clarity and smoothness.

Improves skin's clarity and smoothness. Love it!

Regular use of your Ellen Lange Retexturizing Peel kit will continued to improve the clarity and texture of your skin. Don't forget to use the Peel Accelerator Pads daily and you see even better results!
Laura S. said: I absolutely love my peel

I absolutely love my peel kit! I am a mom, group exercise instructor and also an actress. My skin is extremely sensitive and I'm always afraid to try new products. This peel kit is fantastic! My skin looks so smooth and feels silky after I use it. At my age I get a lot of dry flakes and that really bothers me. Especially if I know I have an audition. After using the peel kit throes dry flakes are gone. I look forward to my once a week peel. It's so easy and the results are worth it!

People who are typically sensitive to Glycolic do well with the Retexturizing Peel. As an exercise instructor you know that routine practices produce the best long term results. That is the same with skin peeling. Peeling your skin regularly is better or more effective than just one deep peel. Just like crash diets never really work.
Laura C. said: I Have used my peel

I Have used my peel once so far and I loved it. Felt like it was really working and I loved the glow afterwards! Can't wait until my 2nd peel next week!

That is great to hear. Sounds like you are on your way to becoming a regular peeler. You will see that if you regularly use your Ellen Lange Peel kit, you will continue to see improvements in your skin!