Internship Fall Semester 2020

Apply to be a "Lead" on the #EllenLangeGang. Become an integral part of our team.  We are looking for college students located across the country. All work will be done remotely. 

Become team a "Lead" (see below) and develop your creative skills.   You will also become involved and learn about other aspects of the business.    

  • Instagram Feed Curator & Manager Co-Lead  (2 positions)

  • Instagram Story Creator Co-Lead (2 positions)

  • Blog & Influencer Feature Writer Co-Lead  (2 positions)

  • Communications & Email Manager Co-Lead (2 positions)

  • TikTok & Reels Creator Lead Co-Lead (2 positions) 

  • Press & Influencer Outreach Co-Lead (2 positions) 

The hours are flexible and limited. Ideal to work within a student's schedule. This internship experience is unpaid, but we can work with you obtain college credit.  

Send Cover Letter & Resume:
In subject line write:  Intern Application 

*Tell us which "Lead" you would like to apply for. List 3 choices in priority order. We will offer rotation opportunities.

Internship Program Dates :   Monday Sept 8th  - Friday December 18th

Application Deadline:  Monday, August 21th 

Read what other interns have said:

"Interning at Ellen Lange provided hands-on experience in social media, ecommerce, and affiliate marketing, solidifying my decision to pursue marketing in beauty. I worked directly with Ellen, contributing to the growth of her channels, whether it be uploading a post to Facebook to blogger outreach/mailings to updating online store content -  it was a fulfilling opportunity and ultimately a great foundation to my career - 5 years later, I now oversee digital operations for 3 beauty brands." – Kristine I.

"My internship at Ellen Lange gave me career direction. I was exposed to so many aspects of the business. I learned things that I would have never learned at school. Working at an entrepreneurial company was very exciting. It was very creative and I felt like I made a contribution to the company.  I currently work in product development in the beauty business." - Nadeige S.

My internship with Ellen Lange provided great insight into the beauty business, with first hand experience in learning true skin care needs. I gained my best skin tip from Ellen - always moisturize your neck! I learned critical social media skills, primarily in Facebook and Instagram, that have helped me develop into the online editor I am today. I have been able to have a leg up on my coworkers and competitors in these aspects when they come to online advertising on  Facebook.”  – Ana S.