Executive Summary

Ellen Lange Skin Science is a prestige skin care company offering “at–home” experiences, that live up to “spa" expectations. It is a privately owned skin treatment company. The company’s expertise is in the creation and sales of advanced skin peels and treatments. Ellen Lange is involved daily operations, marketing the brand and product development.

Retexturizing Peel, Ellen Lange’s premier product, is medically endorsed and clinically-tested. This three-step at-home treatment resurfaces texture and rejuvenates skin. While other skin care companies focus on trendy ingredients, Ellen Lange concentrates on the multi-step at home spa experience.

The success of the company began with the 1996 launch of the Ellen Lange Retexturizing Peel. It was the first at home skin peel kit. It was initially released on QVC and sold out in 12 minutes. The skin care line expanded and launched in Sephora, with Retexturizing Peel kit becoming the #1 selling skin care product for 24 consecutive months.

Considered the original at home peel, Retexturizing Peel ignited the home peel market. As the leading product to enter the market, Ellen Lange Retexturing Peel kit has established brand equity.

The company has long-standing relationships with manufacturers and suppliers in the skin care business. It is strategically located in New Jersey, one of the pharmaceutical and cosmetic hubs in the United States.

In September 2014, Ellen Lange re-launched the business with a limited marketing budget. The company focused on direct-marketing and managed to breakeven within first six months. This market test confirmed that the peel is more relevant than ever. The demand continues to grow and consumers see value in the kit. Ellen Lange believes the timing to grow this business is even better now, because women have become familiar with skin peels and further more recognize the benefits.

Building upon Ellen Lange’s solid business foundation and reputation, the company’s direct–to-consumer approach provides distinct and potential channels through which they can offer a significant expanded selection of high-margin skin care and related product to current and new customers. This more lucrative and scalable model will leverage on the company‘s existing assets, relationships, press and expertise.

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