The Fabzilla's

TheFabZilla is a beauty and lifestyle blog based in Oahu, Hawaii.  She blogs about fashion, fitness and DIY.

In the real world, The FabZilla is know as Kathryne.  She really want to inspire people because she feels that looking fabulous is beyond the perfect smokey eyes or intense red lips.  

Outside blogging, Kathryn is an RN, registered nurse.  Her significant education enables her to really understand the technology and science behind a good product.  Kathryn definitely has that analytical mind of someone in the medical field and always one to give a detailed review.

Her home life is fairly busy as she is mama to the sweetest english cocker spaniel and loving wife.

Kathryne took an analytical at Retexturizing Peel:

"My skin feels soft, like I had pricey facial done in a spa. I have been using this kit for 3 weeks now, no unsightly peeling whatsoever but as with other products that contain AHA, it's imperative to wear sunscreen because this may increase your sensitivity to the sun. But other than that, I am glad to add Ellen Lange to my skincare routine."                 (read more)