Monday Morning Brainstorming for the Peel Kit

Monday mornings at Ellen Lange Inc. start with coffee and a brainstorming session. We decide how we are going to position the peel kit for the week.

We determine the unique selling point for glycolic peel for the week and then we come up with a creative strategy.   An idea that can be conveyed in one image and in a headline.

This week really feel the need to stress that Retexturizing Peel contains 8 treatments. We realize that too often we get the question, "How many peels are in the kit?"

This concept is really important because Retexturizing Peel is a extremely cost effective way of taking care of your skin.  Think about it, each professional at home peel costs about $10. Plus you get 60 glycolic pads - a 2 months supply.  

You should be peeling on a regular basis because your skin regenerates itself approximately every month. If you peel once and then not for another few months, you skin will continue to glow.

We pull out the peel kit, look in our box of props and start building a set in our mini photo studio.  I enjoy finding props for our peel kit photo shoots. I look around my house and office for odd things, shop at Michaels and browse #DYI website.

I actually find building photography sets for the skin care products very theraputic and creative.  The entire process forces us to look at the glycolic peel from a different perspective.  

Using my Iphone or my Nikon camera we usually get a photograph that is good for our weekly public relations and advertising campaign.  

Then we write quick copy and start spreading the word on our social networks. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are all important us and your LIKES are very meaning. They reinforce our image and help us grow our smaller business.

And sometimes we even get bloopers. Check this Boomerang Blooper, which we can't resize.  

I write this blog so others too can appreciate the highs and lows of being an entrepreneur in the beauty business.  I am self-diagnosed as "classic" entrepreneur, doing business with passion and love.