Dull Winter Skin


Our skin serves as our barrier against external factors. While it does a great job at protecting us, it’s not completely impenetrable. It acts as our armor and can definitely get dull looking after a long winter.   But it is fairly easy to say goodbye to lifeless winter skin and say hello to a glowing radiant complexion.


Wash Nightly

It is important to cleanse nightly to remove makeup and little dirt particles that accumulate on our skin’s surface throughout the day. These nano particles are pollutants that can cause our skin to prematurely age, increase allergic conditions and make us prone to irritation and rashes.   When these specs of debris mix with our oils and dead skin cells they can also clog our pores, causing breakouts. At night, first use an eye makeup remover to get the mascara off and then follow with a full face cleansing. If you have drier skin rinsing your face with just water is fine in the morning, but that evening wash is essential.


Our skin is continually renewing itself and we can accumulate dead cells on the  surface.  This can give our skin an unattractive yellowish look. We can see a more exaggerated look  of this on our elbows and heels. Regular exfoliation with skin peels and scrubs can help deep clean your skin and remove the discolored cells.  Peels will significantly speed up our cells' natural renewal process and improve the skin’s texture and tone surface

Get Good Sleep & Reduce Stress

Stress and lack of sleep can cause our skin to look pale and sallow. Getting into a regular sleeping pattern and finding ways to relax is as important for our skin as it is for our other organs. When we are stressed, it effects the blood flow to our face, diverting the circulation to our most vital organs such as the heart, brain, lungs and kidneys.


Moisturizing is such an essential step of every skincare routine. Facial creams help our skin retains water, offer a protective transparent layer on the skin’s surface and smooth rough surface skin cells.

Many creams contain water, emollients and humectants. The water delivers moisture, the emollients soften our skin and the humectants help us attract and retain moisture. 

Wear Sunscreen

Too much UV rays exposure can cause hyperpigmentation (skin discoloration) and reduce our collagen levels. Sunscreen 365 days can protect your collagen from breaking down and slows down our production of melanin.  

So let's all say "Bye Bye" to dull winter skin; Exfoliate, moisture, protect and rest.