Being Real With DalyBeauty



We love DalyBeauty's great style, sense of humor and practical approach. Her instagram feed keeps us laughing. She is willing to try just about anything and could put on a simple hat and make it look like the latest trend. Her family is extremely important to her and her cat is her confident.   
We couldn't help but share Jane Daly's profile. In her own words..
"I could not live without coffee. I feel the spirit of my Auntie Luba, my beauty and perfume idol, around me often and I even smell her perfume sometimes. I believe in that kind of stuff. I used to pretend I was Samantha from Bewitched. Still do sometimes. I always wanted to live in a Brady Bunch house. Now I do.I listen to disco and seventies Yacht Rock all the time. I could eat sandwiches for every meal, except dinner and that could be burgers every night. I love Campari and soda. All my sheets and towels are white. I have over two hundred bottles of perfume. My husband has more shoes than I do. My daughters are smarter than I am. I’m full of advice about what beauty products people need and what perfume they should wear. I can name your perfume just by smelling you. In fact I can practically smell you from here."
As so we got Jane to try Retexturizing Peel... "Ellen Lange Retexturizing Peel instructions were easy to follow, and the process itself simple, painless and comfortable. I was left with soft and glowing skin, meaning all my costly serums, lotions and potions apply like a dream and penetrate the skin perfectly. I need less makeup, and what I do use applies easily and smoothly."-- Jane Daly

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