Hollywood's Guru of Hue: Jill Kirsh

Jill Kirsh is considered “Best Color Consultant” by Los Angeles Magazine. So when celebrities are going on the "road", attending a gala or building a high-profile wardrobe, Jill is the first one in. Jill provides guidelines for stylist, dressmakers & makeup artists. Color sets the mood and determines how people to react. Color enhances the good features and even make some less attractive ones, disappear.  

Along with her numerous TV appearances, Jill has been featured in InStyle Magazine and The Los Angeles Times. In addition, she has contributed her services to The Beauty Bus, The Fulfillment Fund and Dress 4 Success.

"I grew up in NYC. Both my parents were in the fashion industry and while I was doing theatre and film as an actress, I also worked both on the wholesale and retail sides of the fashion business. So it was actually a combination of working in fashion combined with being on camera, that I saw the importance of color and the impact it creates.

Based on my years of doing one- on- one consultations with clients from all over the world, I discovered what truly works and what to leave behind. I've created an innovative, unique & fun system so everyone can look their absolute best every day and at every price point. My Color System is entirely based on your present hair color - Deep Brunette, Golden Brown & Red, Warm Blonde, Ash Blonde, Platinum & Gray - and it provides you with the tools that take you from fashion to your best shades for the eyes, cheeks & lips. The system works for everything from driving carpool in sweats and sunglasses to party dresses, stilettos and jewels!

The truth is, when you're wearing your best shades, you glow. You look naturally beautiful. You need way less makeup. You look younger, vibrant, more alive and thinner (yes!).

I've had lots of fun color jobs where sometimes I think, no would really believe this! Last year I was flying back to LA after doing some media and an in store event, which meant I had my color swatches in the overhead compartment. I was sitting next to these two guys who stared chatting and asked what I did. When I started explaining it, they were very interested and really tried to grasp the concept. So I took down my swatches to demonstrate what I was talking about and they really got into it. I held all the different shades of fabric up against each guy as they looked into a mirror and they were totally amazed by the difference each shade created. One guy had me take pictures of him with his i phone holding up all his best shades! Then a gal sitting right behind us stared to participate and was totally amazed by the celeb before & after photos I had. This was a very fun flight, and one of many where similar kinds of things tend to occur. It's just that this time, it was instigated by the guys!

I don't have a favorite skin care treatment. I try lots of different things. Many people have asked me to try their systems, but I'm very A to B and some brands have way too many steps that although they might be fabulous, I probably wouldn't do it. But over the past few months, I've had more attention on finding something I love and where I can actually see results. I'll go into a store and there are just way too many choices and way to many promises!"
For more information on Jill Kirsh visit www.jillkirshcolor.com or call 1-800-315-0108.

-- as told to Ellen Lange