"Happiness is the secret to all beauty.  There is no beauty without happiness.
 -Christian Dior

For as long as I can remember, make-up has delighted me.  While my mother was grocery shopping, I would slowly amble up and down the cosmetics aisle looking at the colors, the packaging…everything.  It was pure joy.  My dream gift was a huge, cheap eye shadow palette filled with 80 colors, most of which I would never have even dreamed of actually using.

I am secretly delighted that my 10 year old daughter has caught the cosmetics bug.  On weekends, still in her pajamas, she presents with some ridiculous shade of eye shadow applied with reckless abandon  – and a lipstick-smeared smile that lights up her entire face.  In fact, just yesterday she requested her own 80 impractical color palette.  I’m sure we could bond in more meaningful ways, but this is just too much fun.

In adulthood, I have found a new way to indulge my habit – the subscription box.  Without leaving the comfort of my home, boxes of glorious products arrives to bring joy to my heart and a song to my soul.

Amanda tried the peel kit and here are her thoughts

"I have used this kit no less than 10 times already, however, and there is a TON of product left.  I would absolutely consider this clinical, professional quality and it’s currently averaging about $7.00 a peel.  HUGE bargain.  This product has made a tremendous impact on my skin and has really helped erase signs of obvious damage including hyperpigmentation and fine lines."

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