@SugarcoatedShuShu's Visual Journey

ellen lange talks with @SugarcoatedShushu about skincare and skin peels

We love @SugarCoatedShuShu's playful yet professional approach to Instagram.  Her real name is Shubana, but everyone calls her Shu. She is in her thirties and lives in Canada.  Shu started her Instagram after her first child was born because pregnancy did some "crazy things" to her skin. What she thought would be a visual journal of her skincare journey ended up being so much more. Shu found she was able to express her creativity through photographs and writing and along the way has met some many amazing new friends in the skincare community. We caught up with Shu in between crafting posts and taking care of her two children. 

What did you do prior to becoming an influencer ?

I studied and worked in interior design after college. I also joined my family business a few years ago. 

Tell us about what influences you skincare routine?

I had a lot of trouble accepting the color of my skin when I was younger. The lack of diversity out there was a hard place for a young girl like me. While I packed on mismatched foundation back then, now I look for ingredients in skincare that will let my natural color shine.

What do you not leave home without (beauty or fashion)?

Lip gloss (currently carrying Fenty’s Glossbombs around at all times). Literally nothing else besides cell phone, card wallet, keys and a reusable bag.

Do you have a beauty or lifestyle philosophy?

I like to keep my skincare collection small but mighty 

What are your own skin concerns and what has helped you?

I struggled with post partum acne with both pregnancies and I just started using retinol that eradicated it almost instantly!

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