• Don't Underestimate the PEEL PREP & PEEL ACCELERATOR PADS

      The PEEL PREP and PEEL ACCELERATOR PADS from our skin peel kit can be used independently of the weekly. We are offering a really great deal on some extra ones we have in stock this week.  I suggest you do the entire peel weekly, but use the Peep Prep Scrub and Peel Accelerator Pads all week long. PEEL ACCELEARTOR...

    May 03 2017 | Ellen Lange
  • The Accidental Entreprenuer

    I never had any formal business training. By that I mean; no MBA , not a single business class during my undergraduate years and no advanced statistics classes after high school. I call myself an “Accidental Entrepreneur” and never achieving an MBA has always made me feel a bit insecure, to say the least. So it was very interesting to...

    Apr 24 2017 | Ellen Lange
  • Monday Morning Brainstorming for the Peel Kit

    Monday mornings at Ellen Lange Inc. start with coffee and a brainstorming session. We decide how we are going to position the peel kit for the week. We determine the unique selling point for glycolic peel for the week and then we come up with a creative strategy.   An idea that can be conveyed in one image and in a headline....

    Mar 06 2017 | Ellen Lange
  • Redesigning the Ellen Lange Skin Peel Kit

      The new Ellen Lange Retexturizing Peel box is a completely new look.  It makes a great gift.  Wrapped in beautiful matte paper, the box is very minimal looking package.  It contains the components of the original peel kit; Peel Prep, Peel Accelerator Pads and Glycolic Peel Solution.   We felt it was extremely important to update our packaging. It...

    Feb 05 2017 | Ellen Lange
  • The Wait Is Over

    Who is ready to GLOW?  Last week we began shipping the newly designed RETEXTURIZING PEEL. 

    Feb 01 2017 | Ellen Lange
  • Skin Shine

    Your skin should shine all summer long.  Let us just tell you that we think glowing skin is more attractive and looks healthier, than sun tanned skin.  Overexposure to the sun leads to  brown spots, leathery texture, precancerous growths and skin cancer..  Here are some important UVA and UVB facts  UVA causes premature aging and wrinkles penetrates clouds and glass...

    Jul 25 2016 | Ellen Lange
  • Peel Kit Photo Shoot

     The Ellen Lange photo shoot yesterday was so much fun!   We planned to just photograph Liz our Instagram Manager and Nadeige who handles Press Relations Manager, but I couldn't help myself. I jumped into the photo shoot and we had such a blast.  Our photographer Hailey was fabulous and put us all at ease.   We put on our SoundCloud, took off...

    Jul 20 2016 | Ellen Lange
  • The Fabzilla's

    TheFabZilla is a beauty and lifestyle blog based in Oahu, Hawaii.  She blogs about fashion, fitness and DIY. In the real world, The FabZilla is know as Kathryne.  She really want to inspire people because she feels that looking fabulous is beyond the perfect smokey eyes or intense red lips.   Outside blogging, Kathryn is an RN, registered nurse.  Her significant education...

    Jun 29 2016 | Ellen Lange
  • Red, White & Glow

    Fireworks shouldn't be the only thing that sparkle this week.  When the sun is going down, you are having a cocktail and you are dressed in your summer whites, it is you who should have the glow. You should not need thick foundation, layered eye shadows or intense lips.  It should be about the sunlight streaming across your face and...

    Jun 29 2016 | Ellen Lange
  • Being Real With DalyBeauty

                                                 We love DalyBeauty's great style, sense of humor and practical approach. Her instagram feed keeps us laughing. She is willing to try just about anything and could put on a simple hat and make it look like the latest trend. Her...

    Jun 13 2016 | Ellen Lange
  • Less Makeup More TLC

    Give Your Skin Some TLC... Weekly Peels Will Be Your Key Makeup and Cosmetic applications that look so good on video and Instagram do not necessarily look as good in person. Caking on foundations and primers with exaggerated makeup is the face to face look you want. We all know good skin care is the key to great looking makeup....

    Jun 01 2016 | Ellen Lange
  • Reporter's Skin

    Video is more clear than ever and high definition television shows everything.  So layering heavy makeup is not going to be the best look for today's reporter. We know that superficial exfoliation peels will be the most effective and consist way to keep your skin ready for that spontaneous on-camera moment.  It is about prepping the skin properly so skin...

    May 23 2016 | Ellen Lange
  • Peeling is not a luxury, it is a step often skipped

    3 Important reasons why you should PEEL       A skin peel can remove dull looking cells that exaggerate fine lines & wrinkles.  A peel can help slough off the unattractive rough skin and give skin a smoother texture. ,   Stop breakouts       A skin peel can unclog pores and help prohibit the buildup of sebum in the hair...

    May 16 2016 | Ellen Lange
  • I Got It From My Mama

    Happy Mother's Day to All the Fabulous Mom

    Apr 27 2016 | Ellen Lange

      "Happiness is the secret to all beauty.  There is no beauty without happiness. -Christian Dior For as long as I can remember, make-up has delighted me.  While my mother was grocery shopping, I would slowly amble up and down the cosmetics aisle looking at the colors, the packaging…everything.  It was pure joy.  My dream gift was a huge, cheap eye...

    Apr 18 2016 | Ellen Lange

    "I started blogging because I needed a place to channel the committee in my head.  "It’s a busy place up there where ideas and misconceptions are formed," explains Lucee creator of MomJunky.   She has always had a passion for writing.  Lucee is the author of  "Letters to Mom & Dad and Things that Happened To Me Along the Way."  The book...

    Apr 03 2016 | Ellen Lange

        Baily started blogging many years ago with no purpose. She started posting product reviews and her posts morphed into a beauty and lifestyle blog called . Although Baily claims not to be the utmost authority she has a passion for the newest skincare and makeup.    "I will try anything once and give the lowdown of what works for...

    Mar 30 2016 | Ellen Lange

      Sissi Nutham is editor of Beauty4free2u.  Sissi has been recognized in the industry as a top blogger, being "Editor´s Pick" by Blogher and SheSpeaks. She has been a fashion contributor for Lucky Magazine and included in Glamour Magazine’s list of top 100 fashion, beauty, and lifestyle "top influencers".   Sissi likes to do things herself, get a good deal and and...

    Mar 24 2016 | Ellen Lange
  • Osyley Reviews Ellen Lange Peel kit

    "Now that I've tried the Ellen Lange peel and know that it's safe, I will use it every time that I have an important event." --  Osyley, top Latina beauty blogger.   "At first I was scared to try this product because I am very carefully with what I put on my face and I had never had a face-peeling in my...

    Mar 01 2016 | Ellen Lange
  • Sissi Nutham Reviews Retexturizing Peel

    We are so excited to share our newest review on Beauty4free2u . Sissi was featured as Editor´s pick on Blogher and Shespeaks and as a fashion contributor for Lucky Magazine. She has been selected to be 1 of only 100 Influencers of Glamour Magazine’s Popularizer 100 list of top fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.  Below is an excerpt from Sissi's blog post. "I am not...

    Feb 22 2016 | Ellen Lange
  • A Peel For All Tones

    At home peels are an ideal choice for many women with deeper skin tones.   Women with deeper skin can use Retexturizing Peel at home to help with hyperpigmentation (dark spots), even skin tone, eliminate rough patches, un-clog pores and improve acne.  The additional melanin in darker skin tones increases their propensity for pigmentation issues from acne, eczema, or even simply a...

    Feb 09 2016 | Ellen Lange